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At Spike 3D Models, we conceive, develop and create parts, kits and accessories for model builders. We also offer bespoke design services and our in-house manufacturing facilities to help builders complete their projects.

Bespoke waterslide decals

Have you ever found yourself at the end of a long project and unable to finish it because you suddenly realise that the decals you need do not exist? Or maybe you have fond that old kit from the ’60s that you always wanted, only to find that the included decal sheet has long crumbled to dust?

GNSR decals
GNSR decals, 1:43.5

If that sounds familiar to you, rest assured, you are in good company. However, we have the solution: bespoke decals design and print, delivered to your door!

3D printed parts

We design specific parts to help you with your project. We specialise in very small, highy precise parts that we print in-house.

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