What we do

Spike 3D offers a varied set of competencies, which the customers can employ in the combination that suits them best.

Here are some of the things Spike 3D does:

2D / 3D concept design

If there is the need for a specific physical object to be produced, be it a one-off prototype, a scale model for demonstration purposes, or a mass-produced item, Spike 3D can provide a design in one of the commonly accepted electronic formats, according to the given specifications.

2D / 3D rapid prototyping

Passing from a design to an actual object is not simple. Manufacturing often requires some re-engineering in order to accommodate manufacturing process characteristics and limitations, or simply a better, more functional approach. Spike 3D can help define the best way to go from a computer model to the actual object, and choose the most suited manufacturing partners.

Bespoke software and hardware solutions

Spike 3D can design specific software and hardware systems, by either in-house design or by sourcing the appropriate parts and components.

Management of manufacturing chains

If required, Spike 3D can take charge of managing the entire value chain for a specific product: locating the suppliers, establishing the appropriate processes to control and monitor the production, integrating the components and delivering the prototypes.

These are just examples of what Spike 3D can do. Feel free to enquire for additional details, by writing at: